An ongoing collaboration with Josefin Zachrisson.

The three-part system consists of Seats Sofa, Seats Bench and Seats Stool. Constructed in a single material, Seats is environmentally sustainable and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage. The entire series is made of recycled Swedish steel and produced in Markaryd, Småland.

With an ability to orchestrate interesting shadow plays, the design of Seats is intended to bring a sense of movement, or flow, to its surroundings. All three pieces in the system are modular, and can be integrated with each other to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of a certain space. This aspect leaves room for the user’s creativity as well.

With Seats System, we want to create furniture with social as well as aesthetic significance that remains sustainable over time.

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Photo: Kimberly Ihre.

Renderings by Double Up.